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  • Lew Soloff Warm Up

    Lew Soloff Warm Up

    I was fortunate enough to have had trumpet lessons with the great Lew Soloff and become friendly with him to where I could text him at any given hour and get a reply within minutes. He was and remains one of my biggest inspirations in music and in life. [scbutton link=”” target=”blank” variation=”red” size=”small” align=”none”]Download…

  • Morning Trumpet Warm Ups

    Morning Trumpet Warm Ups

    I’m not a morning person and I suspect most of you aren’t either. It’s a challenge just to get into the bathroom to splash water on my face much less launch into the demands of playing a brass instrument. Are you kidding me?! Do not even try to communicate with me until I’ve had at…

  • Phil Smith plays Mahler 5 Excerpt

    Phil Smith plays Mahler 5 Excerpt

    Phil Smith plays Mahler 5 excerpt. Listen and watch the score. It’s amazing! And here’s a great thorough interview with trumpeter Phil Smith: [scbutton link=”/phil-smith-interview/” variation=”red” size=”small” align=”none”]Watch Video[/scbutton] Phil Smith Bio Philip Smith, Principal Trumpet of the New York Philharmonic, has been with the orchestra since October 1978, when he was appointed as Co-Principal…

  • Phil Smith Interview

    Phil Smith Interview

    A great 3-part Phil Smith interview by Hip-BoneMusic’s monthly interview series “Bone2Pick” Check out more great resources at:

  • How to Play the Carnival of Venice on Trombone

    How to Play the Carnival of Venice on Trombone

    Here’s a very well put together video by trombonist Trent Hamilton on how one may go about learning how to play the Carnival of Venice on trombone. He takes each variation and important phrases and gives you clues or ideas on how you may go about finding success in performing them. It’s a great video…

  • Bob McChesney performs the Carnival of Venice

    Bob McChesney performs the Carnival of Venice

    A phenomenal rendition of the Carnival of Venice by trombonist Bob McChesney. This video is great in that it shows the music notation during the song. It’s wonderful to see what he is interpreting and playing so imaginatively spectacular. Bob McChesney was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and began playing the trombone in the fourth grade…

  • Trumpet App

    Trumpet App

    This trumpet app may at first seem a bit different, but it could definitely yield benefits and for only $4.99, why not give it a try? You will be engaging your mind and keeping your head in the game while driving to visit Grandma, or flying to your next vacation destination, or for the lucky…

  • Duets Play-Along Series

    Duets Play-Along Series

    Grab your Arban’s Book and your trumpet and play along! In this Play-a-long series, trumpeter Charlie Porter plays both the 1st and 2nd parts to each Arban duet. They are from the “68 Duets for Two Cornets” in the Arban’s Conservatory Method for trumpet & cornet. If you don’t own this book, you should! You…

  • Complete Arban Method App

    Complete Arban Method App

    Now this is pretty cool. It is the entire method book as an iPad app. The Grand Conservatory Method for Cornet by Jean Baptiste Arban was first published in 1864 by Leon Escudier of Paris. In honor of the 150th anniversary of its publication, Tim Leasure of Tromba Software released this amazing book for the…

  • Fantaisie Brillante by Wynton Marsalis

    Fantaisie Brillante by Wynton Marsalis

    This recording is from Wynton’s 1987 recording: Carnaval with the Eastman Wind Ensemble Scored for trumpet soloist Wynton Marsalis, Donald Hunsberger’s band accompaniment arrangement of Fantasie Brillante No. 3 in Jean-Baptiste Arban’s collection of Fantasias and Variations possesses a breadth of musical styles that demand strict formal analysis in addition to interpretative and technical requirements.…