Trumpet App

This trumpet app may at first seem a bit different, but it could definitely yield benefits and for only $4.99, why not give it a try? You will be engaging your mind and keeping your head in the game while driving to visit Grandma, or flying to your next vacation destination, or for the lucky few… your gig in Tokyo! Below is what they have listed on the iTunes App Store and a short video demonstration. Give it a whirl! Let us know how you liked it… or not.

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Designed for REAL trumpet players who want to master their craft by improving their ear training, fingering technique, accuracy and speed. Music practice is about repetition, muscle memory and ear training. Trumpet Pro will help you become a better trumpet player by enabling you to practice when it’s not practical to do so with a real trumpet.


Beginners who are just learning the trumpet fingerings can slow the tempo down and watch as the correct fingerings appear on the screen just like a player piano!

Check out the videos and tutorials at:

A real music staff is displayed and highlighted so you can follow the notes on the screen when learning a new song. Additionally you can hear the song being played in real time.

While you’re playing, Trumpet Pro will tell you immediately if you’ve hit the correct notes or made a mistake. While you’re playing simply tap a button to go to another song immediately so you can continue practicing.

Trumpet Pro helps you track your progress by:

* keeping a cumulative score for each song
* keeping the total elapsed time spent practicing each song
* remembering the practice tempo for each song
* comparing your scores to your friends in your city, state, country or the world

Trumpet Pro allows you to favorite particular songs so you can focus your time and energy on a limited number of exercises before moving on to new songs.

As you improve you can change the tempo simply by dragging your fingertips across the staff. Your score will increase as you accurately press the correct buttons at higher tempos.

Includes more than 600 built in songs including scales, exercises, and finger twisters. All included songs can be modified and we include 99 blank templates for your own use. Your songs can be shared with other Trumpet Pro users quickly and easily through a few taps.

Learn how to play “Flight of the Bumblebee” or the head to “Donna Lee” by slowing the tempo down to a manageable speed. Master these songs in small sections while waiting for the bus or standing in line at the grocery store. Train your ear by listening to the chords for many songs.