Duets Play-Along Series

Grab your Arban’s Book and your trumpet and play along! In this Play-a-long series, trumpeter Charlie Porter plays both the 1st and 2nd parts to each Arban duet. They are from the “68 Duets for Two Cornets” in the Arban’s Conservatory Method for trumpet & cornet. If you don’t own this book, you should! You can buy it here or download the free PDFs here.

The duets progress from easily to difficult, so where as #1 will be rather simple, #68 will prove a bit more challenging. In this play-along series, Charlie Porter plays the 1st and 2nd Trumpet parts to the Arban’s Trumpet Duets in the Arban Conservatory Method for Trumpet & Cornet. Watch him for the cue & breath and just play along!

He will be adding more duets periodically, so subscribe to his YouTube channel to be notified!

Materials needed: Arban Conservatory Method for Trumpet & Cornet.

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