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  • Arban Study No. 1 – Play Along App

    Arban Study No. 1 – Play Along App

    A very cool way to practice! Play along with the performance. Slow it down, play a few bars over and over again until you’re practice perfect. [scbutton link=”″ target=”blank” variation=”red” size=”small” align=”none”]Check Out the App[/scbutton]

  • Paul Mayes plays Arban Study No.1

    Paul Mayes plays Arban Study No.1

    Virtuoso trumpeter Paul Mayes is one of Britain’s most exciting and versatile players. An international soloist and Denis Wick Solo Artist, he has given recitals and solo performances in the USA, Australia, France, United Arab Emirates and throughout Great Britain. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Music he studied in the USA with Charles…

  • Who Was Arban?

    Who Was Arban?

    Joseph Jean-Baptiste Arban was born in Lyon on February 28, 1825. He began his musical career in the Military Band of the French Navy, and was part of the battalion which was on the ship “La Belle Poule” during the trip to Sainte-Hélène to carry Napoléon’s ashes back to France. In 1841, Arban entered the…

  • Arban’s CD Accompaniment

    Arban’s CD Accompaniment

    There are a couple of recordings of J. B. Arban: Characteristic Studies (e.g. David Baldwin or Clyde Hunt). A recent recording is with the British virtuoso Paul Mayes. This recording and a book with piano and solo part is published by Brass Wind Publication. It was recorded in Nigel Gomm’s home built studio “The Outback”…

  • Learn a Jazz Standard

    Learn a Jazz Standard

    For learning tunes, there’s a few steps to take. There’s no magic pill or anything special about it, it is just hard work. But you can learn jazz standards a little easier with these steps. Learn the melody Find the tune in a RealBook or google for it and you’ll find the sheet music pretty…

  • The Arban Manual

    The Arban Manual

    The Arban Manual is a 69 lesson course that takes you through the entire Arban Method. Now the mystery has been solved. Eric Bolvin went and made a road map of the worlds most famous trumpet method. He takes you step by step and helps you to cover things in a logical and timely manner.…

  • Free PDF Download of Arban Method

    Free PDF Download of Arban Method

    A pillar among trumpet method books, The Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet has long set the standard for trumpet pedagogy books. If you are serious about playing the trumpet, this book must be in your collection. Within its pages, trumpet players can find detailed exercises and instruction geared to make the aspiring trumpeter into…