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  • Wynton Marsalis Daily Practice

    Wynton Marsalis Daily Practice

    Recommended Daily Practice by Wynton Marsalis BDG Magazine(?), May, 1987 The quality of the practice is more important than the length of time it takes. Three hours will allow you to cover all aspects of playing, but 45-60 minutes is enough for one sitting. Practice has several basic objectives: Sound Slurring Tonguing (single, double, triple)…

  • Wynton’s Twelve Ways to Practice

    Wynton’s Twelve Ways to Practice

    As a boy growing up in New Orleans, I remember my father, Ellis, a pianist, and his friends talking about “sheddin’.” When they got together, theyʼd say, “Man, you need to go shed,” or “I’ve been sheddin’ hard.” When I was around 11, I realized that sheddin’ meant getting to the woodshed – practicing. By…

  • Best Trumpet Books

    Best Trumpet Books

    Here’s a list of 25 of the Best Trumpet Books you need to become a great musician. Plus, there are free PDF downloads of Clarke studies, Charlier and Goldman – just look for the small links under the images. If there are other method books you think should be listed, let us know in the…

  • Arnold Jacobs Almost Live

    Arnold Jacobs Almost Live

    Brian Frederiksen, author of “Arnold Jacobs: Song and Wind“, has a lecture series showing incredible video of the great Arnold Jacobs giving masterclasses and discussing everything from breathing, embouchure, tongue position to performing. Arnold Jacobs Almost Live examines Mr. Jacobs’ extraordinary career and teachings. Below are a couple of videos Brian has offered freely for…

  • Paul Mayes plays Arban Study No.9

    Paul Mayes plays Arban Study No.9

    It always helps to hear a master play a piece and to hear where you want to be in your playing. No-one has tackled these 14 characteristic studies from the Arban more beautifully than Paul Mayes. His tone is brilliantly dark and his interpretations are extremely musical. Paul Mayes plays Arban Study No.9 in this…

  • Morning Trumpet Warm Ups

    Morning Trumpet Warm Ups

    I’m not a morning person and I suspect most of you aren’t either. It’s a challenge just to get into the bathroom to splash water on my face much less launch into the demands of playing a brass instrument. Are you kidding me?! Do not even try to communicate with me until I’ve had at…

  • Arban Study No. 1 – Play Along App

    Arban Study No. 1 – Play Along App

    A very cool way to practice! Play along with the performance. Slow it down, play a few bars over and over again until you’re practice perfect. [scbutton link=”″ target=”blank” variation=”red” size=”small” align=”none”]Check Out the App[/scbutton]

  • Who Was Arban?

    Who Was Arban?

    Joseph Jean-Baptiste Arban was born in Lyon on February 28, 1825. He began his musical career in the Military Band of the French Navy, and was part of the battalion which was on the ship “La Belle Poule” during the trip to Sainte-Hélène to carry Napoléon’s ashes back to France. In 1841, Arban entered the…

  • Arban’s CD Accompaniment

    Arban’s CD Accompaniment

    There are a couple of recordings of J. B. Arban: Characteristic Studies (e.g. David Baldwin or Clyde Hunt). A recent recording is with the British virtuoso Paul Mayes. This recording and a book with piano and solo part is published by Brass Wind Publication. It was recorded in Nigel Gomm’s home built studio “The Outback”…

  • The Arban Manual

    The Arban Manual

    The Arban Manual is a 69 lesson course that takes you through the entire Arban Method. Now the mystery has been solved. Eric Bolvin went and made a road map of the worlds most famous trumpet method. He takes you step by step and helps you to cover things in a logical and timely manner.…