Arban’s CD Accompaniment

There are a couple of recordings of J. B. Arban: Characteristic Studies (e.g. David Baldwin or Clyde Hunt). A recent recording is with the British virtuoso Paul Mayes. This recording and a book with piano and solo part is published by Brass Wind Publication. It was recorded in Nigel Gomm’s home built studio “The Outback” in 2008.

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The two CDs that come with the book contains John Alley’s accompaniment in three tempi. One for slow practice, one for performance and one for the more virtuoso performance. Also included are beautiful performances of all 14 studies with Paul Mayes on cornet.

Here is a recording of Study No. 1 with Mayes:


Additionally, the Platinum Edition of the Arban’s comes with a CD with great piano accompaniments to the fantasies in the book. Check it out on Amazon.
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