Arnold Jacobs Almost Live

Brian Frederiksen, author of “Arnold Jacobs: Song and Wind“, has a lecture series showing incredible video of the great Arnold Jacobs giving masterclasses and discussing everything from breathing, embouchure, tongue position to performing. Arnold Jacobs Almost Live examines Mr. Jacobs’ extraordinary career and teachings. Below are a couple of videos Brian has offered freely for immediate download. They are packed with invaluable and inspiring information. You will definitely want to dig into their web site ( too – it is full of beneficial all-things-brass! If you aren’t hip to Arnold Jacobs, it’s time to get hip.

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“Brian Frederiksen was on hand to present his always intriguing Arnold Jacobs: Almost Live presentation. With video clips, audio clips and photos, plus Brian’s knowledge of Jacobs and his teaching, this is rapidly becoming an important staple at tuba conferences. Much has been said about the legacy of Arnold Jacobs and his teaching; all of it is deserved and his profound influence cannot be understated. This video series presented by Mr. Frederiksen is an effective way to introduce new generations of musicians to Mr. Jacobs and his teaching”.