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  • Sean Jones Cherokee Lick

    Sean Jones Cherokee Lick

    Sean Jones is a beast of a trumpeter, a brilliant improviser and a loving spirit. He has a spectacular command of the trumpet that is awe-inspiring. He is truly one of the GREATS. A recent video has been shared on Facebook of Sean playing the jazz composition “Cherokee” by himself. The entire clip is phenomenal! […]

  • Halloween Jazz Tunes

    Halloween Jazz Tunes

    If you have a jazz performance tonight, here’s a list of some Halloween Jazz tunes! Even if the sound of the tune isn’t scary or in a minor key, at least the titles are appropriate. There’s also 4 FREE Halloween jazz arrangements of very popular Halloween tunes you can download and use on your gig […]

  • Wycliffe Gordon Plunger Warm-Up

    Wycliffe Gordon Plunger Warm-Up

    Here’s a great clip of Wycliffe Gordon demonstrating various warm-up techniques, sounds, rhythms, vocalizations and more. It’s not only an incredibly musical warm-up, but it inspires out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to making sounds on your own instrument – whatever it may be. Visit Wycliffe Gordon’s website for a ton of great music, videos, images, […]

  • How Jazz Makes Us Better Drivers

    How Jazz Makes Us Better Drivers

    Jazz is a music of spirited, in-the-moment and consciously aware individuals making rapid fire decisions dedicated to creating a beautifully crafted and executed group performance. Jazz teaches and demands the ability to communicate sometimes opposing views in the spirit of discovering a soulful resolution. Jazz asks of the performers to effectively work together and to […]

  • Brazilian Chorinho

    Brazilian Chorinho

    Do you know about the Brazilian choro? Choro, or chorinho, is an instrumental Brazilian popular music genre which originated in 19th century Rio de Janeiro. Despite its name, the music often has a fast and happy rhythm. It is characterized by virtuosity, improvisation and subtle modulations, and is full of syncopation and counterpoint. It’s like […]

  • Miles Davis Practiced

    Miles Davis Practiced

    Miles Davis’ music, his improvisations, his tone, his attacks on notes are all unique to Miles Davis. When you hear one note, you immediately know it is Miles. He’s gifted, some say a genius, some consider him a god, but what we often forget to remember is he worked extremely hard to achieve success on […]

  • Learn a Jazz Standard

    Learn a Jazz Standard

    For learning tunes, there’s a few steps to take. There’s no magic pill or anything special about it, it is just hard work. But you can learn jazz standards a little easier with these steps. Learn the melody Find the tune in a RealBook or google for it and you’ll find the sheet music pretty […]