Wynton Marsalis on Long Tones

Wynton Marsalis on Long Tones

9 FREE PDFs of Long Tone and Warm Up Studies

You’ll notice a lot of similarities in these PDFs. There’s no magic pill. Daily practice of fundamentals makes you an awesome trumpeter. Dig in!

  1. Lew Soloff’s Warm-Up Routine
  2. A Collection of Articles, Notes and exercises by Vince DiMartino, Herseth, Bill Adam, Ray Mase and more!
  3. Daily Warm-ups for Trumpet by Ken Saul
  4. The Basic Caruso: Five Exercises for Trumpet
  5. James Ackley Trumpet Warm Ups and Long Tones
  6. Embouchure Boot Camp for Trumpet
  7. Texas AM University Trumpet Routine
  8. Principal Trumpet, The Symphony of Southeast Texas Warm-Ups and Long Tones
  9. A Guide for the Aspiring High School Trumpet Player

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