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  • Wynton Marsalis Daily Practice

    Wynton Marsalis Daily Practice

    Recommended Daily Practice by Wynton Marsalis BDG Magazine(?), May, 1987 The quality of the practice is more important than the length of time it takes. Three hours will allow you to cover all aspects of playing, but 45-60 minutes is enough for one sitting. Practice has several basic objectives: Sound Slurring Tonguing (single, double, triple)…

  • Wynton Marsalis on Long Tones

    Wynton Marsalis on Long Tones

    Anytime I observed Wynton Marsalis backstage after a show giving tips to aspiring trumpeters, consistently his message was “practice long tones.” As we all know, long tones are dreadfully boring. What misery it was to hear him proclaim, time and time again, the gospel of the long tone. But, in truth, the rare times I…

  • Wynton’s Twelve Ways to Practice

    Wynton’s Twelve Ways to Practice

    As a boy growing up in New Orleans, I remember my father, Ellis, a pianist, and his friends talking about “sheddin’.” When they got together, theyʼd say, “Man, you need to go shed,” or “I’ve been sheddin’ hard.” When I was around 11, I realized that sheddin’ meant getting to the woodshed – practicing. By…