MRI while playing brass

Fascinating look at what happens inside the mouth, throat and chest cavity from an MRI while playing brass. The most interesting parts of this video reveal exactly what happens when you crescendo and decrescendo, as well as, playing from low to high. It’s awesome to see how the body achieves larger and smaller openings to create the optimal environment to produce faster and slower air.

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3Portrait by Peter AdamikSarah Willis and the team go to the Max Planck Institute in Göttingen, Germany to meet scientists who are using the latest MRI and Motion Capture methods to find out exactly what goes on inside a musician’s body while playing an instrument. Sarah talks to kinesiology professor Peter Iltis, head of the MRI department in Göttingen, Prof. Jens Frahm and motion capture specialist Erwin Schoonderwaldt. She then volunteers to play the horn in the MRI chamber …you definitely don’t want to miss this episode of Sarah’s Music!

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